Intel Quartus Prime 17.1

Intel Quartus Prime 17.1

Intel ® Quartus® Prime Design Software Overview

The revolutionary Intel® Quartus® Prime design software includes everything you need to design for Intel FPGAs, SoCs, and CPLDs from design entry and synthesis to optimization, verification, and simulation. Dramatically increased capabilities on devices with multi-million logic elements are providing designers with the ideal platform to meet next-generation design opportunities.

The Intel Quartus Prime software is available in three editions based on your design requirements: Pro, Standard, and Lite Edition.

  • Intel Quartus Prime Pro Edition–The Intel Quartus Prime Pro Edition software is optimized to support the advanced features in next-generation FPGAs and SoCs with the Intel Stratix® 10, Intel Arria® 10, and Intel Cyclone® 10 GX device families. 
  • Intel Quartus Prime Standard Edition–The Intel Quartus Prime Standard Edition software includes extensive support for earlier device families in addition to the Intel Cyclone 10 LP device family.
  • Intel Quartus Prime Lite Edition–The Intel Quartus Prime Lite Edition software provides an ideal entry point to high-volume device families and is available as a free download with no license file required.

Intel Quartus Prime Software Design Flow

The Intel Quartus Prime software design flow comprises of the following high-level steps: 

  1. Create your design.
  2. Constrain your design.
  3. Compile your design.
  4. Close timing on your design.
  5. Configure your design on the board. 

More details are available in the Intel Quartus Prime Software Quick Start Guide and in the Intel Quartus Prime Handbooks.

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